The Story

In 2021 during the world was struck with the covid 19 pandemic which brought the world to a stand still. With more spare time on our hands then ever before I decided to use it to attempt to build the clothing brand I've always dreamed of. After months of work I had Murkii up on its feet and in business. Due to the multiple lockdowns across the world the brand struggled to take off. After a couple of years of struggle the world started to return to normality and now we hope to grow and build the brand into the future.

The Mission

Murkii aims to promote and inspire people to chase the lifestyle they want. No one knows what the future holds so we want our clothing to motivate people to make the most of everyday, take more risks, say yes to more things and in the end have no regrets. We aim to build up a community behind the brand and produce clothing to inspire the world. Moments will only last for seconds but the memories you make will last forever.

The Name "Murkii"

Memories - moments last seconds, memories last forever so create them.

Uniqueness - be different, you don't have to follow the latest trends.

Regretless - don't go out with regrets, say yes more often.

Knowledge - Learning from experiences will only help you better yourself.

Improve - Improve yourself and make sure your happy before anything else.

Inspire - be a positive example and inspire others to do what you do.

How About the Clothing?

I've always preferred the more simple but clean look to the clothes that I wear, therefore I wanted to carry that minimalism through the brand Murkii. Future production will see more variation within our range from simple to extravagant graphic designs. With growth will come a larger range of products.